Astrorisa Moon Forecasts

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Upcoming November Moons 


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Taurus / Oshun Full Moon 11°

 in House 9

Time: 1:23 AM EDT

Sun in Scorpio 11° in House 3

Moon Aspects

Sun opposite Moon

Moon sextile Neptune

Moon trine Pluto

Moon opposite Jupiter

Moon sesqui-quadrate Saturn

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sun & New Moon

 in Scorpio / Oya 26° 

in House 1

Time: 6:42 AM EST

Moon Aspects

Sun conjunction Moon

Moon semi-sextile Saturn

Moon inconjunction Uranus

Sun in Scorpio / Oya Season 
Òtítọ́ ní ńtú ẹrù ìkà palẹ̀. -"It is truth that unpacks the load of the wicked for all to see." (Truth will triumph over the wicked.)

Scorpio can be emotionally distant at times, preferring to observe the room from a distance. Libra wants to socialize with everyone in the room, and to connect. But not Scorpio so much but then it depends on his/her mood. Scorpio wants to feel you out first.
Scorpio takes control of a situation and exposes its hidden agenda and secrets. Scorpio acts somewhat like an enforcer of Truth and an exposer of Lies.

Jupiter moved into Scorpio October 10, 2017 until November 8, 2018. 
Jupiter is 'The Judge' ruling religion, judges, high courts, treaties, and borders. Jupiter increase and expands a situation.

Jupiter in Scorpio> expands the unexpected good and losses which belong to Scorpio. The exposing of sexual harrassment falls under Jupiter in Scorpio because the discussion and accusations are larger than usual and are affecting people in high positions.

Scorpio rules sex, inheritance, the underworld, death, transformation, it investigates digging down to the core of an issue, it likes to dig up dark and uncomfortable situations to expose their truth. Scorpio rules in a sense 'self-reflection' and it rules anyone in a Powerful position who can manifest drastic changes upon the masses. It's the sign of Revolutions.