Astrorisa Moon Forecasts

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Iya Olusoga - Bisi Ade

Astrorisa Moon Forecaster

Hello I'm Iya Ade  and I appreciate your interest in our services. The work of Astrorisa Moon Forecasts, is a  healing and self discovery modality utilizing information from Astrology and African (Yoruba) cosmology. 


Personal Astrorisa Moon Forecast Chart: Pay with PayPal  or with Credit Card
Your personal forecast offers you concrete information regarding the ebb and flow of each cycle within your personal year. You're provided vital information to assist you with making the best choices for yourself and your circumstances.  This information is provided as a reading and includes your birth and progressed astrology chart, which is sent directly to you to review and chart for your year. 
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SCHEDULE: 4 weeks in advance for 1 cycle
SCHEDULE: 6-8 weeks in advance for multiple cycles .
Forecast Selections
Consultation ~ Readings: Pay with PayPal or Credit Card

African shell readings and Tarot / Oracle readings  are performed to assist you with addressing and understanding a specific question or concern. Sometimes all that is needed is a listening ear, and a different perspective to help guide you through finding your answers.

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***Dafa Readings (Ifa Readings) and Merindinlogun (Orisa Cowrie Readings); Egungun and Orisa services are provided at our local  N.C.Temple 

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