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Thursday, December 12 2019
Time: 12:12 AM EST
Moon 19° Gemini, in House 9
Sun 19° Sagittarius, in House 3

Ascendant 25° Virgo

Welcome to the last full moon of the year, the Cold Moon and Gemini Full Moon. This will be a fiery moon time with lots of impatience, ideas, and determination moving throughout this lunar season. Quick action,  and rapid thoughts comes with Gemini which is ruled by Mercury and associated with Eshu and Ibeji. These cosmic energies during this moon time indicate what we speak on, what we ask to receive or release can happen in two-fold. The sun is in the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign ruled by Jupiter and associated with both Obatala and Ososi. Thus the warriors are showing up within this moon time in full force along with some element of grace and divine protection. Those who pave the way for change, who make rules, laws, and enforce the laws are very important players during this moon time. The fallacies and shadiness of past untruths will have a brilliant light shown upon its treacherousness and acts of treason will also be exposed during this time.
However, this moon time also indicates many prayers being answered, success in business, goals, relationships, and money ventures. If we've put in the work or begin to put in the work many blessings begin to manifest. Keeping promises, and avoiding the breaking of laws and oaths is important during the next 27 days, December 12, 2019- January 8, 2020.
---Excerpt from December 2019 Full Moon Forecast

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